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Cristnogaeth 21 (C21) aims to provide a platform for radical, liberal and progressive interpretations of the Christian faith and thereby facilitate public debate and personal reflection on issues of faith. C21 does so mainly through the medium of Welsh.




C21 promotes public discussion and personal reflection on issues relating to the Christian faith through the following means:


Publication of texts and resources:


  • distribution of a weekly e-bulletin,

  • maintaining a Facebook page,

  • publishing articles, transactions and resources on the Web and in print.


Organised events:


  • conferences, seminars and lectures on issues of interest,

  • maintain opportunities for Christians to retreat and reflect on their faith.


Promoting progressive perspectives on current affairs:


  • publishing occasional statements and position papers,

  • facilitating public debate between key organisations,

  • working with partners to promote common objectives, and

  • developing projects that promote social and environmental justice.

Operational themes


The operational themes that inform the work of C21 currently (2022) are:


  • social issues,

  • theology and resources,

  • church unity.



C21 activities and relationships are informed by the following values:


  • C21 welcomes individuals of all Christian denominations, along with those who are not church members or attenders.


  • We believe in creating a space to discuss issues pertaining to the Christian faith without expecting uniformity, recognising that there is a wide range of theological perspectives within the Welsh Christian community.


  • C21 stands firmly in the Welsh Christian tradition but we welcome dialogue with others of all faiths and people without faith.


  • We urge everyone to engage in our discussions honestly, openly and politely, respecting each other's views and opinions.


  • C21 is an organisation that celebrates the diversity of humanity and promotes an inclusive approach to issues of faith, promoting equality and equal opportunities for all without exception.


  • C21 recognizes humanity's responsibility to respect and conserve the creation and supports efforts to protect our natural environment and reduce the impact of human activities on the planet's climate.


  • C21 recognises that Christians have humanitarian responsibilities towards our fellow human beings and we support efforts to promote social justice, seeking to reflect the love, justice and peace we see through Christ within society.

C21 Committee


C21 is facilitated by Llusern – Cristnogaeth 21 Cymru, which is a registered charity (reg. no. 1011618).

Llusern is administered by a Board of Trustees on the basis of its charitable constitution.


Chair: Anna Vivian Jones

Vice-Chair: Sian Meinir

Secretary: Gareth Ioan

Treasurer: Gareth Ff. Roberts


Trustees: Marian Beech Hughes, Dafydd Iwan, Anna Jane Evans, John Gwilym Jones, Pryderi Llwyd Jones, Enid Morgan, Robin Wyn Samuel.

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